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Paula Bramante's Journal

Journal in Transition

2 April 1955
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I am an ESL instructor, artist, and writer.
adult alternative music, alternatives to violence project, anna wise, antonio machado, archetypes, attention, awakened mind, awareness, brain hemispheres, brainwaves, breathing, buddhism, byron katie, cabernet sauvignon, cane sugar allergy, charlotte joko beck, christianity, chögyam trungpa, classical music, collage, compassion, conscience, consciousness, creative non-fiction (essays), eckhart tolle, emptiness, english, esl, etymology, eugene gendlin, figurative language, focusing, french, gabriele rico, generosity, god, gratitude, gratitude journal, heart, image schemas, imagery, imagination, impermanence, interbeing, joan halifax, jogging, josesph campbell, journal writing, joy, judy reeves, julia cameron, jung, jungian, justice, kim rosen, kindness, light, linguistics, livescribe, love, mandala, mary oliver, meditation, memory, mental pictures, metaphor, metaphors, mind/cognition, mingyur rinpoche, minneapolis, minnesota, nature, paolo coelho, paradox, peace, pema chodron, pema chödrön, perception, philosophy of consciousness, pir vilayat, poetry, politics, psychology, reality, reality versus dream state, religion, roberta allen, rock music, rumi, ruth duckworth, sakyong mipham, sally kempton, saved by a poem, segment intending, self-expression, shunryu suzuki, smart pen, spiritual maturity, stanley kunitz, stephen mitchell, story, stress-reduction, symbolism, synchronicity, t.s. eliot, tao te ching, teaching, teaching of writing, tergar, the matrix, the self, thich nhat hanh, think aloud protocol, thought-provoking films, tome gallery, transformation, transforming power, trees, truth, unitarianism, vegan, walking, weaving, word meaning, writing, writing pedagogy, yoga, yongey, zen