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23 July 2010 @ 09:33 am
John O'Donohue quotes  

I'm taking an e-course from the Spirituality and Practice website right now on John O'Donohue. I bought Anam Cara several years ago on the advice of someone I met at one of Kragen and Beatrice's gatherings in SF. I have no idea who he was, but he asked me what my passion was and our conversation continued from there. I asked him about his passion and he mentioned Anam Cara as a book that had greatly influenced him. This e-course provides quotes and reflections from Anam Cara and other O'Donohue books each day. I'm grateful for this 'tour' of O'Donohue's thinking because even though I bought his book all those years ago, I never read it. The e-course is providing a useful guide through his material.

Two recent quotes that have impressed me:

Actually, this one is a quote of quote:
"Wordsworth, careful of the dignity of the senses, wrote that 'pleasure is the tribute we owe to our dignity as human beings." Lovely.

To contextualize this next quote, O'Donohue is in the midst of a discussion of the senses in general as "thresholds of the soul," and styles of vision in particular. He speaks of "the fearful eye," "the greedy eye," "the judgmental eye," "the resentful eye," "the indifferent eye," "the inferior eye," and ends with some words on "the loving eye." Here is what he says in part about the last eye: 

"The loving vision rises above the pathetic arithmetic of blame and judgment and engages experience at the level of its origin, structure, and destiny."

Rarely am I just absolutely stopped by a quote, but that one blew me away.