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17 July 2010 @ 07:35 pm
Rainy Day in Wisconsin  
Greg and I drove to Wisconsin today for a wedding celebration. Lots of rolling green hills, farmlands, and rain. The reception was given at the home of the bride who grew up with her older sister in that bucolic setting. Just behind their enormous yard and one level below (accessible by a wooden stairway) was a pristine flowing creek with small stretches of mini rapids flowing over, between and around rocks in the creek bed. Games of skill (tossing bean bags at a target, and another one that used two pink rubber balls connected by an 8-10 inch rope as a tossing object with the goal of having it land upon and wrap around a high, mid, or low bar) were set up on the grassy area by the water's edge. Some kids, mostly the younger ones, played in the creek (under the watchful eyes of adults -- the currents were strong in places), while others played the tossing games. As I stood at the creek's edge watching the little ones test the limits of their self-confidence in the rapids, a woman I'd just met showed me gorgeous, amazing pictures of Israel on her iPod from a recent trip she'd taken with her family.

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