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11 December 2004 @ 12:24 am
Using "fucking" as an infixed adjective and word stress (oh brother...)  
Greg and I watched Jerry Maguire last night. I love the movie despite its weird mixed message (= Integrity and human concern are nobler values than our obsession with the almighty buck. So here is a tale of sports agent Jerry Maguire who decides to live these noble values at great personal hardship. And in the end, our hero and his protegé are rewarded -- with loads of cash.)

Anyways...Kelly Preston plays Jerry's butt-kickin' fiancée. At one point, in a pep talk to her man, she declares (something like) "You aren't just anyone -- you are Jerry Ma -- fuckin' -- guire!!!!"

This works with my name, too: "I'm not just anyone -- I am Paula Bra -- fuckin' -- mante!!!"

But alas, poor Greg would have a hard time with this declaration: "I'm not just anyone -- I am Greg Sit -- fuckin' -- ler!!!" Mmmm....not.  Fortunately, he's not too broken up about this.

Ah, word stress...

Current Mood: stressedEr...(word) stressed