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10 January 2009 @ 09:28 am
Gratitude, teaching, and creating  

Right now I have a few creative ideas knocking around my head.


(1)  A book project about all the items I 've received from others. My thought was to describe some objects (or take pictures of them) and then write some short pieces about the people who gave them to me -- the stories behind the gifting. It would be a sort of gratitude memoir. My latest earring acquisition at the Tome Gallery in Los Lunas during Christmas break would be a great entry. When we were there, Francesca bought me replacement earrings for the ones (or the one) I’d lost.


(2) I'm also thinking about how I might use the magic pen to teach (a) sentence diagrams (b) the templates for argumentation from the new book I'll be using this semester (They Say, I Say).


(3) I'd simply love to experiment with this pen. My God, it would be the perfect tool for doing think aloud protocol writing. How could that be useful in my creative writing? In my teaching? (A think aloud protocol is a technique used in writing pedagogy research that asks students to talk while they are writing. It aims at revealing some of the self talk that accompanies the act of writing, which in turn reveals the way the writer is approaching the writing task.)


(4) Yesterday, I had another idea to compile a writing game book using material from Julia Cameron, Roberta Allen, Judy Reeves, some of the processes from Ask and it is Given, from Gabriele Rico, and from several other sources I have used and enjoyed. I wondered about compiling these writing processes into a format that could he used in an academic writing class, a book that would make writing an energizing adventure.

(5) I still love working with mandalas and wonder where I could take that love in a purely artistic project, or in some other application in teaching. I am always it seems, interested in combining combining my passion for creating with teaching.

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