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29 April 2007 @ 11:38 pm
The friendly bumble bee, Part II  

Originally uploaded by where_the_light_enters.
As we continued eating our lunch, Greg idly commented on how strange it was for a lone bumble bee to be ambling across our patio. Yeah, it was sort of strange, I agreed. Then suddenly I remembered something about my last encounter with a bumble bee and exclaimed out loud, "No! Maybe not so strange..."

On the day of my father's funeral in 1991, I was in a bedroom at my parents' house getting dressed for the gathering. I was in a sort of weepy, dopey state of mind, crying in fits and starts and moving slowly in general. In a moment, through a haze of sadness and fatigue, I felt a sharp, searing burn on my foot. I looked down and realized that a bumble bee had stung me there in the bedroom. There were no open windows, and I found it so odd that a bee would be hanging out on the carpet. I remember thinking at the time that somehow, my father's spirit, intention, residual life energy, whatever, was reaching out to me through the sting to wake me up and let me know that he was fine, that I should snap out of my sad and dopey state of mind and just be fully present to life as it was.
"Dad!" I called out, patrolling the grass near the flowerbed. "Sorry I didn't realize it was you. Where did you go?"
It took a few minutes of searching, but we finally spotted our little black and yellow buddy resting in a patch of tall blades of grass. Greg picked him up again and he crawled around on his palm, just as before. I still felt edgy waiting for the sting to occur, but remembering the bee in the bedroom all those years ago softened my attitude toward this strange little fellow on this beautiful day that would have been my father's 86th birthday. I decided to take a small chance and pet him.
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