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05 March 2007 @ 09:17 pm
Alternatives to Violence Workshop  
This past weekend, I co-facilitated a three-day Alternatives to Violence Project workshop at a nearby men's correctional facility. The last AVP workshop I co-facilitated was about one year ago at a nearby women's correctional facility. I had forgotten what an awesome experience it is to work with inmates. Last year as well as this weekend, I was blown away by the depth, sensitivity, humor, generosity, and good will of the inmates. Much of the stereotypical stuff -- anger, drama, sadness, shut-downness, and so on -- is present as well, but the dark strands are continually interwoven with so many luminous threads of humanity.

After this weekend's experience, I feel more committed to carrying on this work, for the good, the joy, and the growth of both the participants and myself.